AraGes Newsletter

The AraGes Newsletter informs AraGes members about recent developments in the world of arachnids and arachnologists, i. e.,

  • AraGes News (AraMit, AraGes meetings, activities),
  • available positions for arachnologists, ecologists, zoologists, ecological consultants,
  • requests for support (spider material, expert determination, literature),
  • recent changes in taxonomy,
  • larger new publications by AraGes members (e.g. books).

Content for the AraGes Newsletter can be submitted by anyone (even non-members), but the newsletter itself is only available to AraGes members. Inquiries relating to the AraGes Newsletter are to be addressed to: Stefan Otto


Overview of the most recent AraGes Newsletters
# Date Contents
225 03-11-2017 A position available and a request for comparative material
224 12-17-2016 Information from the AraGes board and a “save the date” for the SARA Meeting 2017
223 10-24-2016 Request concerning doubtful records and information on the spider calendar 2017
222 09-26-2016 Information on issue 52 of the Arachnology Letters and a position available in nature conservation
221 09-02-2016 Information concerning the election procedure of the next AraGes board and member meeting at the next AraGes Meeting in Greifswald in October and a request for material
220 07-20-2016 A reminder concerning the next AraGes Meeting in Greifswald in October and a request for material
219 06-17-2016 A position available in a museum
218 06-08-2016 Invitation to AraGes members to fill out a quesionaire concerning the Arachnology Letters
217 05-08-2016 Announcement for students for a master thesis on the canopy spiders of the floodplain forest in Leipzig
216 04-08-2016 Invitation to the AraGes Conference and 7th Member Meeting in Greifswald in October
215 02-19-2016 A position available in a museum.
214 01-29-2016 Invitation to the next AraGes Meeting in Greifswald in October, Taxonomic News
213 01-06-2016 a book announcement, a position available in arachnology, information on the upcoming issue of the Arachnology Letters
212 10-30-2015 Invitation to spider colloqium about spiders in the Harz Mountains (PDF link)
211 10-22-2015 Spider Calendar 2016, literature give-away, updated Caucasian Spiders Database (Version 1.4.3)
210 07-01-2015 Issue 49 of the AraMit, its English subtitle and reminder of the Konrad Thaler Commemoration Prize
209 06-08-2015 Extension of the abstract deadline for the ECA Congress in Brno
208 05-18-2015 Information on the ECA Congress in Brno, a book announcement and information concerning a research fellowship
207 04-27-2015 Invitation to the SARA Meeting 2015, and information concerning a meeting at the ZALF/Müncheberg in 2015
206 03-12-2015 New spider book can be ordered at reduced price
205 02-27-2015 Issue 48 of the AraMit, literature search, information on genital preparation in spiders
204 01-31-2015 new book publication, review
203 12-26-2014 Issue 48 of the AraMit, spider symposium in Frankfurt, request for information on spider occurrence
202 11-08-2014 Cooperation between the German “Spinnenforum” and the AraGes
201 09-13-2014 Reminder SARA Meeting
200 08-06-2014 information request concerning own study
198 07-08-2014 Taxonomic News
197 07-02-2014 Invitation to SARA Meeting
195 4-17-2014 New Homepage, Request in nutritional ecology, available position in Holland
194 02-04-2014 Taxonomic News
193 01-12-2014 Georgian Spiders – Mcheidze (2014), Caucasian Spiders 1.4