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Senckenberg präsentiert seine Sammlungen in einem neuen Portal / New online database for the Senckenberg collections

The Senckenberg collections are searchable with the new online collection database Aquila.

In contrast to the previous database SeSam, Aquila is faster and more user-friendly. It contains currently over 1 million datasets from various Senckenberg collections cross Germany. For the Arachnology collection in Frankfurt (SMF) choose the particular collection (Sammlung) and browse either directly in the search field or use more filters located in the left column.

The Arachnology section entered most of the catalogued, i.e. identified material. Therefore the almost 73,000 datasets of the Arachnida SMF collection and the 1650 datasets of the Myriapoda SMF collection left only few gaps in the Acari and Myriapoda. These will be filled step by step. However, Araneae, Opiliones or Scorpiones are now completely available online with more than 7000 primary and almost 4900 secondary type series!
If you have questions, let me know. If you need material or would like to perform a project in our collection, you are welcome to contact me.

The Arachnology section moved at the end of 2017 into new rooms with larger space for collection, libraries and offices. This is also true for guest researchers. I will be happy to receive you as a guest!


Peter Jaeger (peter.jaeger(at)