Arachnida Checklists

The Checklists of arachnid orders are presented in the sections below. The sections Introduction and Overview contain information vital to the comprehension of the taxon lists.


01. Introduction

Introduction to the Arachnida Checklists of the AraGes


02. Overview

Overview of the Arachnida Checklists of the AraGes



03. Spiders

Checklist of the spiders of Central Europe


Opiliones04. Harvestmen

Checklist of the harvestmen of Central and Northern Europe


Pseudoscorpiones05. Pseudoscorpions

Checklist of the pseudoscorpions of Central Europe


Scorpiones06. Scorpions

Checklist of the scorpions of Central and Western Europe


Tasterlaeufer07. Micro Whip Scorpions (Palpigradi)

Checklist of the palpigrades of Central Europe