Arachnids (Arachnida) belong to the arthropods (Arthropoda), which in almost all cases exhibit a segmented body with a chitinous exosceleton and in all cases segmented legs. Most extant animal species are arthropods, including the extremely species-rich insects (Hexapoda), crustaceans, centi- and millipedes as well as arachnids.

The arachnids are comprised of spiders (Araneae) as well as a number of other more or less known animal groups, like harvestmen, scorpions and mites.

All arachnids share the following characters: a bi-partite body consisting of a prosoma (a highly chitinized front body with four pairs of legs) and an opisthosoma, which is often covered by a soft integument.

The relatedness and ancestry (phylogeny) within the arachnids is not yet fully understood. Using different sets of characters and fossil finds results in slightly differing phylogenetic trees and even molecular studies have so far not been able to clearify this question. The current state of knowledge on the evolution of arachnida is regularly presented by Jason Dunlop.


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Small Orders (Amblypygi, Palpigradi, Schizomida, Solifugae, Thelyphonida)

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Orders of the Class Arachnida:

  • Araneae – True spiders
  • Amblypygi
  • Thelyphonida
  • Schizomida
  • Ricinulei
  • Acari
  • Solifugae
  • Palpigradi
  • Opiliones
  • Pseudoscorpiones
  • Scorpiones