Arachnologische Gesellschaft

Scientific Collections of Arachnida (Germany)

There are several scientific collections of Arachnida in public institutions in Germany, i.e. Natural History Museums. Some already mobilize their data through portals.

The Biodiversity Portal of the Humboldt-Rings BiNHum shows parts of the collections of:

  • State Museum of Natural History Karlsruhe - SMNKspidercoll
  • State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart - SMNS-E-araneaecoll
  • Zoological Collection of the Bavaria München - ZSM/Ara
  • Museum of Natural History Berlin ZMB/Arach

The Collection Portal AQUiLA of Senckenberg is searchable for the following arachnological collections:

  • Senckenberg Naturmuseum Frankfurt - SMF
  • Senckenberg Museum of Natural History Görlitz - Arachnologie SMNG
  • Senckenberg Natural History Collections Dresden - Arachnida SNSD