Arachnologische Gesellschaft

  • Arachnology Letters

    A peer-reviewed, rapidly produced open-access and online journal, focusing on faunistics, ecology and taxonomy of Arachnida (excl. Acari) in Central Europe. It is published two times each year by the society. Printed copies can be ordered from the print office.

  • Atlas of Arachnids of Europe

    The Atlas presents regularly updated maps of reliable (expert proven) records of 1200 arachnid species in Central Europe, together with the data sources. Records are displayable by year or decade. New are simple descriptive statistics for the species, e.g. on capture methods, phenology and habitat type. 

  • Konrad Thaler Commemoration Award

    The award honoring the deceased scientist and committed teacher Konrad Thaler acknowledges extraordinary theses from all fields of arachnology. Since 2007 every third year the price is aawarded to one or two young scientists during the meeting of the AraGes society. 

  • European Spider of the Year 2020

    is the raft spider – Dolomedes fimbriatus (Clerck, 1757)

  • Service

    We present information on several topics like Identification, Red List or Records and many links to other nodes in the arachnological web.

  • Knowledge

    We offer facts and information on spiders and other arachnids of Europe for laymen and arachnophile citizens. Frequently asked questions are answered, new scientific findings communicated and literature and links for further readings are given.

The Arachnologische Gesellschaft (AraGes) aims at increasing and distributing the knowledge about arachnids. Focussing on the arachnid fauna of Central Europe, it also supports arachnological research in this region. Its foremost activities are: the publication of the scientific journal Arachnologische Mitteilungen / Arachnology Letters, the organization of meetings, the networking and exchange of information. The AraGes is a scientific institution incorporating a bridging function between interested amateurs, state authorities and academic research.


Acantholycosa norvegica sudetica stellt eine Besonderheit der Spinnenfauna des Schwarzwaldes dar.

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Paolo Pantini and Marco Isaia announced the online Catalog of Italian spiders, with addenda on other Arachnid Orders occurring in Italy...

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Spider of the Year

The europEAN SPIDer of the year 2020

The Spider of the Year is chosen by 83 arachnologists from 26 European countries in the late summer of the preceding year. For 2019 the raft spider, Dolomedes fimbriatus was elected.