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Since 2006, every three years, during the meeting of the association, the „Arachnologische Gesellschaft” awarded a price - the Konrad-Thaler-Gedächtnispreis (KTG) for the best master thesis and the best dissertation about Arachnids (except Acari) defended at a European university.

On the basis of the conditioned financial situation the AraGes council at the meeting in Greifswald in 2016 decided to limit the award to 500 € for the best master thesis every three years.

Fortunately, four longstanding and active members of the society meanwhile had decided to support the KTG by donations summing up to 1000 €. By this means the association disposes of the necessary resources for the award for the next years.

And so, the “Arachnologische Gesellschaft” offers in the 5th announcement of the Konrad-Thaler- Gedächtnispreis (2016-2018):

1000 € for the best dissertation


500 € for the best master thesis.

All theses have to be accepted by a European university during 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2018. The papers have to be written in German or English. To be a member of the Arachnological Society is no pre-condition. Deadline for application is 4 January 2019. One printed copy and a pdf have to be submitted.

The 5th KTG will be awarded during the 8th meeting of the Arachnologische Gesellschaft in Basel, Switzerland (6-8 September 2019). Winners are supposed to present their work at the meeting.

Contact: Dr. Ambros Hänggi

Naturhistorisches Museum Basel
Abt. Biowissenschaften
Augustinergasse 2
CH – 4001 Basel