Arachnologische Gesellschaft


The AraGes Newsletter informs the members about recent developments in the world of arachnids and arachnologists, i. e.,

  • AraGes News (Newsletter, AraGes meetings, activities),
  • Available positions for arachnologists, ecologists, zoologists, ecological consultants,
  • Requests for support (spider material, expert determination, literature),
  • Recent changes in taxonomy,
  • Larger new publications by AraGes members (e.g. books).

Content for the AraGes Newsletter can be submitted by anyone (even non-members), but the newsletter itself is only available to AraGes members. Inquiries relating to the AraGes Newsletter are to be addressed to: Stefan Otto.

Overview on the last Newsletters

245 12.11.2019 Literature give-away, a new book and information on the ASA Conference 2020
244 10.18.2019 Report on the AraGes Congress and Member Meeting in Basel, an update on Gray Literature, a stipend and the new Spider Calender 2020
243 09.11.2019 Information on the new issue of the AraLetters.

Documents for the election of the new AraGes Board and important deadlines

240 04.08.2019 Information on a risk potential analysis by the BfN and a material request
239 07.28.2019 Conference information on deadline for presentations and registration
238 06.20.2019 Conference information, a material request, a book announcement
237 04.15.2019 Official invitation to the AraGes Congress and Meeting 2019, 6.-8. September 2019 in Basel (link) and an invitation to the working group 'Red List for Nordrhein-Westfalen'
236 01.11.2019 Information by the AraGes Board on the new member area of the homepage, exclusive functions and contents for AraGes members and information on the current issue 56 of the Arachnological Letters (Arachnologische Mitteilungen)
235 11.12.2018 Save the date, 6.-8. September 2019 in Basel, for the AraGes Meeting 2019, information on the Konrad-Thaler-Commemoration Award 2019 and information on the new spider calendar 2019 of the Spinnen-Forum
234 08.31.2018 Invitation to the SARA Meeting in Graz in October and a survey on private natural history collections
233 05.21.2018 Information on issue 55 of the AraMit
232 04.19.2018 Two colleagues share literature copies
231 02.25.2018 Information on an AraGes stipend and information on a spider day in Serbia
230 11.22.2017 Information on the new Spider Calendar 2018 and a request concerning the biography of Hans Betten
229 08.22.2017 The new AraGes Homepage and links to a PDF with all AraMit issues 47-54
228 07.19.2017 Invitation to the SARA Meeting in October and a material request
227 06.19.2017 Two requests for comparative material
226 04.22.2017 Information on the new issue of the AraMit and a literature give-away by Ute Grimm
225 03.11.2017 a position anouncement and a material request
224 12.17.2016 Information from the AraGes board and information on the SARA Meeting 2017
223 10.24.2016 Request concerning doubtful spider records and information on the upcoming spider calendar 2017
222 09.26.2016 Information on issue 52 of the AraMit and a position available
221 09.02.2016 Information on the the election of the AraGes board at the AraGes-Treffen in Greifswald in October an a material request
220 07.20.2016 Reminder for the AraGes Meeting in Greifswald in October and a material request
219 06.17.2016 A position available
218 06.08.2016 A call by the AraGes board to participate in a member survey concerning the AraMit
217 05.08.2016 Information for students concerning a master thesis on arboricolous spiders in the floodplain forest in Leipzig
216 04.08.2016 Invitation to the AraGes Meeting and 7th member council in Greifswald in October
215 02.19.2016 A position available
214 01.29.2016 Invitation to the AraGes Meeting in Greifswald in October and Taxonomic News