Polchaninova N & Prokopenko E


An updated checklist of spiders (Arachnida: Araneae) of Left-Bank Ukraine

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Eine aktualisierte Checkliste der Spinnen (Arachnida: Araneae) der Linksufer-Ukraine (linkes Ufer des Dnjepr)


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50-64 & Appendix 1-32

The current checklist of spiders from Left-Bank Ukraine includes 741 species in 270 genera and 34 families. The families Linyphiidae (215 species, 29% of the fauna), Gnaphosidae (83 species, 11%) and Salticidae (79 species, 11%) are the most species-rich. The Linyphiidae species diversity declines from north to south – from 33% of the fauna in the forest zone to 16% of the fauna in the bunchgrass steppe subzone. In contrast, the proportion of Gnaphosidae increases from 7% to 13%, respectively. A total of 407 spider species was recorded from the forest natural zone, 515 species from the forest-steppe, 582 species from the forb-bunchgrass steppe subzone of the steppe zone and 375 species from the bunchgrass steppe subzone. In terms of administrative division, the araneofauna of the Donetsk Region is the richest with 514 species, the faunas of the Kharkiv (426 species), Luhansk (402 species) and Chernihov (391 species) regions follow it. The poorest is the Zaporizhzhia Region with 122 species. In total, spiders have been collected at 269 localities and the results have been published in 369 papers. Faunistic and ecological studies are the main directions of arachnological research in Left-Bank Ukraine.


Arthropoda, distribution, fauna inventory, species list, Ukraine