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Neue Funde von Ischyropsalis hellwigi hellwigi (Panzer) (Opiliones, Ischyropsalididae) in Baden-Württemberg mit Anmerkungen zum Status des Schneckenkankers als "Naturnäheindikator"

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Two new localities for the harvestman Ischyropsalis hellwigi hellwigi (Panzer) (Opiliones, Ischyropsalididae) in Baden-Württemberg (Germany) with remarks on the status of Ischyropsalis as an "natural status indicator"


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For 40 years Ischyropsalis hellwigi hellwigi has been known in Baden-Württemberg. Whereas most previous records rely only on single specimens, numerous individuals were recorded during a study in three forest areas in northern Black Forest and southern Odenwald. A total of 37 specimen were caught by pitfall trapping in the natural forest "Wilder See" (an old forest without human impact), in a forest with human impact near "Hornisgrinde", which is similar in terms of exposition, temperature and structure, and in a succession area after a forest fire near Heidelberg. According to these localities, Ischyropsalis hellwigi hellwigi seems to have a broader tolerance to climatic factors than previously thought. All three localities differ widely in terms of forest type, ground vegetation, temperature and light exposure. Whether it is appropriate to conclude the relevant microhabitat conditions for this species from the characteristics of the trapping localities is discussed. The phenology of Ischyropsalis hellwigi hellwigi is described from two areas in northern Black Forest and southern Odenwald. The main period of activity at both localities was August, similar to records from Northwest Germany. From theses results it is concluded that therecently introduced term "natural stage indicator" might be inappropriate for Ischyropsalis hellwigi hellwigi. The species is not restsricted to forests with fallen wood on the surface, as long other habitat elements provide a hiding place with balances microclimate conditions. In order to clarify the distribution of Ischyropsalis hellwigi hellwigi in Germany, the authors request information about new records of this species.


harvestmen; autecology; natural forest; succession after fire; Ischyropsalis hellwigi hellwigi; SW-Germany