Kubcová L & Schlaghammerský J


Zur Spinnenfauna der Stammregion stehenden Totholzes in südmährischen Auenwäldern

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On the spider fauna of the trunk region of standing dead wood in South Moravian floodplain forests


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In 1996 and 1997, spiders were collected by means of tree eclectors on standing dead tree trunks in floodplain forests in South Moravia (Czech Republic). Trunk communities on two sites differing in their exposure to floods were studied. In 1997, one of the sites was struck by a severe summer flood. Of 1714 individuals collected, 924 adults and 50 juveniles were identified to species. 82 species of 17 families were found. The dominant families both in terms of individuals and species were Linyphiidae and Theridiidae. 41 of the present species are considered obligate to facultative arboricolous ones. 13 species were new finds for the study area (extended Pálava Biosphere Reserve). Tmarus stellio was the first record for the Czech Republic, Midia midas the first one for Moravia. More species and individuals were collected on the flood-exposed site, particularly in 1997 with a peak at the time of the summer inundation (Oedothorax retusus made up for 97 % of adults during this period). A number of rare species was found and some comments regarding their distribution in the Czech Repubic, range and habitat are made.


spiders; dead wood; tree trunks; arboricolous; floodplain; Czech Republic